Tuesday, December 30, 2008



Earl came about as a completely spontaneous decision one day. I always like to visit with the cats and dogs for adoption at the pet stores, with no real intentions. However for some reason on this one day Rick completely changed his stance of no more additional pets, and asked if I wanted another cat. I had been playing with these adorable kittens at the time and was so excited he said I could get one!

Well, Earl was not one of those kittens. That rescue turned us down unfortunately though to adopt, however once I was told yes to another cat, I was hooked. So we found a cat named Pumpkin to go visit who was being fostered for a rescue. She was gorgeous, but not overly friendly. However another cat there, Louie ended up being very friendly and THAT became Earl! He came home on August 16, 2007 and we considered him an "early" birthday present to me, and named him after one of my favorite shows "My Name is Earl".

Earl is a lover, that is for sure. He just wants to sit on your lap, and drool (he drools when happy). He gets along great with Davy (now that Davy has adjusted), likes to watch the bunnies, and loves to greet us at the door when we get home.

Name: Earl
Birthday: approx July 17, 2005
Breed: American Shorthair Cat