Tuesday, December 30, 2008



Jaxson is currently the newest addition to our family. He joined us on November 12th, 2008 to help distract us and fill the quiet home that was left behind by Baxter.

As always, trying to name a pet can be difficult and we usually struggle pretty hard with it. We wanted a strong name for a strong breed, something with good nicknames, and somewhat of a tie to Baxter. Being a major election year, we considered a few president names, including Lincoln and Jackson, then changed the spelling to Jaxson, so at short he is Jax, just as he was Bax.

Jaxson enjoys playing with his kitty brothers, and has been pretty gentle with them. He loves going in nightly with me to see the bunnies, but is pretty hyper so he isnt quite to a stage of being able to really visit them yet. Jax has great fun with all of his toys, especially the ones that make goofy sounds at him.

Jaxson has MegaEsophagus, which means sometimes he regurgitates his food back up and his food has a hard time reaching his stomach. However we think he has a "mild" version of this as he doesn't seem as bad as dogs I read about online, and hardly regurgitates. We have been managing it well with a homemade elevated feeder. In May of 09 we started having to blend his food with water like most ME dogs need. The process is still pretty simplifieid with blended food, the elevated feeder, and we try to keep him on a schedule.

Name: Jaxson
Birthday: September 20, 2008
Breed: German Shepherd

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