Tuesday, December 30, 2008



Thumper is the first pet Rick & I got together, shortly after moving in together. Thumper moved in with us on September 3, 2001. He was a complete impulse buy one day, and he then was our "illegal bunny" since we were not supposed to have pets at the apartment for the next year. He was a complete joy to have run around the apartment, doing binkies, flopping by the doorwall, and making "friends" with stuffed animals.

He is our brave little man, he gets along with everyone in the house pretty much, is not afraid to stand up to the biggest dog (litterally, he will get on his hind legs and go nose to nose) and will chase the cats out of his room if he (or Simba) is in a mood.

Name: Thumper
Birthday: approx July 15th, 2001
Breed: Holland Lop Rabbit



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