Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Fate Encounter

Last night was the last puppy training class. We have been going to Michael Burkey's classes in Westland, as he was voted highly by click on detroit channel 4 viewers and I read tons of great reviews.

Anyways, Rick walked out of class before me to run across the parking lot to Pizza Hut to pick up our tasty dinner. As I was walking out of the vet office where the classes are held, this woman rolls down her window and says "Do you mind if I ask how old your shepherd is?". Of course, being as obsessed as I am with all my pets, I will gladly talk my head off. I tell her that Jaxson is basically 5 months old, and she says "So is she" and points to the passenger seat of her vehicle. Then we get into how much the both weigh, and it is in the same ballpark. I asked if I could see her shepherd, so she gets out and the two dogs go right for each other to play.

Her dog is gorgeous, just gorgeous! and our dogs are loving each other instantly. All the other dogs in class Jaxson has just really sniffed and not even attempted to play with. I mentioned how our dogs could be twins, and then think to ask when her dogs birthday is.

She says - September 20th.
I say....Wow, so is Jaxson. Where did you get her?
She says, Port Huron.
I say...Wow so did we.
My brain was working so hard I couldnt even think of the name, and I think I just started stuttering, so thankfully she eventually said "Weber Shepherds" and I said YES!

Jaxson met his sister Bailey last night! The one and only female from the litter.

Port Huron is NOT in our backyard either! It is about an hour and half drive each way. Then of all the dog classes to take, we just both happen to be at the same one. How amazing!

Anyways, her class was after ours, so I gave her our contact info and hopefully we will hear from Mary & Bailey. I think it would be amazing to have a doggy play date with the two of them, and get to talk with Mary & her husband and compare notes on how the two of them are doing.


BClark said...

Fate is a funny lady. That is just the best story Tara. You must take some pictures to add to the album. I really think that maybe next year, once I have these wild indians under control, I may contact those people. Jax is just my ideal image of a shepherd and I miss Duchess and Elvira so much. Shepherds are just so special, I really want another one. Thank you for sharing.

BClark said...

Hi Tara,
It's me again. I went to the Weber site and oh, my gosh, they are beautiful. I sent them an email and asked to be notified next year if she has pups.
Could you email me, I don't think I have the correct email address for you.
Thanx, Barbara

Renee said...

wow! that is sooooo cool!!
and so random as well...
I sometimes wonder if I'll run into a Buddy like dog... somewhere out there... as he was so unique...
or if Blue will ever be re-united with her pups... but anything is possible, so I'll keep dreaming... hehee.. =o)

And - Jax is getting so big! we must have a play date soon! ! ! !

Renee said...

woowww! that is soooo cool!
his sister, how sweet =o)
I always wonder if I'll run into a Buddy like dog.. as he was so unique, or if Blue will be re-united with her pups, as anything is possible... so I keep dreaming... heheee...

and Jax is getting so big! ! we must have a play date soon! !