Saturday, April 4, 2009

Doggy Daycare!

Jaxson had his first day at Doggy Daycare yesterday! We decided to try out Canine College this time around, due to it's great location and use of webcams.

I stuck around and watched Jaxson do his "temperament testing", which was meeting one dog, then two dogs, then a few more dogs, then going off leash and meeting more dogs, then finally going in the main room and meeting everyone and exploring. He did great!

At the end of the day when I went to pick him up they gave him a cute little note to let me know how my student did on his first day of school! It said he played with Chui, a mix, and Abbey a black lab and that his favorite toy was the coaches. They also put "p/s bring Jaxson back, he had a great time!" His coach of the day was Paula, who has a GSD of her own, Thunder.

Jax even came home tired!

We have tried everything with this pup - 2+ hours at the dog park, Rick took him on a 4 mile walk, car rides, pet store, obeidence training in the park - nothing has worn this guy out until yesterday!

We will probably only do daycare as a sporatic occasional thing, however I certainly think its a great socializing and excerisicing tool!