Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's happening

Well Jaxson has been officially diagnosed with pano now - aka "growing pains". Poor guy is limping horribly, doesn't want to walk on it, holds it up and hands it to you (like he's saying "fix it").

Info about pano:

All they can really do for him is give him some pain meds and wait it out. Some dogs it takes weeks, some up to 2 years old!! Let's hope for a few weeks, as he also has to rest and that just isn't any fun for a puppy.

In other news the TV show Earl was named after ("My Name is Earl") is being canceled! Oh no! We keep calling Earl "Halpert" now as in Jim Halpert from "The Office", joking that his name has to change to a recent tv show.

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ReneeZee said...

oh no I say ! Poor Jax, I will keep him in my thoughts :)
but dang, poor guy...
- On a good note, Blue girl is recovering quite well, she shold have full use of her leg back within 3 weeks!