Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pool time!

Rick, Jaxson & myself went over to Paul, Sandi & Bantha's lovely house a little while ago for a lovely day of BBQ & dog play. These two pups are just too adorable when they are together! Plus, Paul & Sandi are some all around good people, so a good time was had by all.

Somehow though I forgot my camera, so these pictures are all courtesy of Sandi (posted with permission). Thanks Sandi!


Pool time! Jaxson had never really taken a liking to these pools before, so I was glad he did since the day we were over was H-O-T-T

Jaxson,Bantha Bantha,Jaxson
Jaxson,Bantha Jaxson,Bantha Jaxson,BanthaJaxson,Bantha Jaxson,Bantha

Bantha loved the filled kong goodness!

Jaxson cant wait to see his doggy pals next week!


Anna the GSD said...

Swimming pools ROCK!!!

For the tracking, mom bought Enthusiastic Tracking by William takes you through step by step!