Sunday, May 17, 2009

Doggy Play Date

Jaxson got to have an awesome doggy play date with Blue (my cousin Renee's dog), Raya (her boyfriend Josh's dog), and Buddy (Jay & Adrienne's dog that was staying with Renee while they were out of town). The four of them had an awesome Sunday a few weeks ago, enjoying good weather and doggy fun.




Buddy loves chasing the ball, Raya is pretty good at chasing the ball but would get self conscious if other dogs were near her, and Jaxson just likes to chase the dogs and doesnt understand why the stop to pick something up. Blue likes to hang out near Renee and watch the dogs. There also was some doggy rough-housing

buddy,jaxson,raya buddy,jaxson,raya raya,buddy,jaxson jaxson,raya jaxson,raya

Gorgeous Blue
blue blue

Tired doggies
buddy,raya,jaxson jaxson blue,jaxson,raya blue,buddy,jaxson raya,jaxson,buddy,blue
blue,buddy,jaxson raya,blue,buddy,jaxson raya

Jax was obsesed with poor Raya. He just couldnt keep his eyes off of her, it was puppy love for sure.
raya,jaxson jaxson,raya raya,jaxson

Blue had to have surgery this past Thursday 5/13 due to a dislocated hip. She had FHO (femoral head ostectomy), and has a recovery road ahead of her. She is the sweetest little dog ever so please keep her in your good thoughts!


Mel said...

I hope Blue recovers quickly. Very cute dogs!

ReneeZee said...

thanks Mel!

Blue's surgery went very well. Her stitches came out last week - and you can barely tell she had surgery! Awesome job, thanks to: Animal Medical Center of Saline, wonderful folks there!
She still has about 3 weeks before her hip, bone, muscles will be completely healed - but progress is good! :) :)

Adrienne said...

Poor Blue girl, I am so glad she's doing better, Buddy misses her. How's Jax?

Tara said...

I'm so glad to hear that Blue is recovery well!!

Jax is doing well with his Pano, he seems to be limping a little less and he isnt crying in pain any more, woowhoo.