Saturday, May 16, 2009

Live from Michigan it's Saturday Night

One of the places we enjoy going with Jaxson is to Ritter's. Rick is a fanatic for ice cream (or frozen custard), it's another good place to socialize Jax, plus they sell a "doggie dish" of vanilla frozen custard.

Early looking for "ghosties" in the corner. That cat is so goofy sometimes....
earl earl earl

We went to buy a bed for Jax at Petsmart that was a bit firmer than the poofy ones we have. We were looking at one that was $90 (on sale!), but decided it was too big for our small house, so we would get the one size down. We didnt see a price, but we just took it and went to check out. It ws $17!!! Major excitement! Here is Jaxson and his cheapo bed, and his "tuff" toy (it lasted maybe a day?)
jaxson jaxson jaxson jaxson

Davy also thinks its a good place to lay...
davy davy davy


Michelle said...

Over from twitter..

We have a Custard shoppe here and I take my Rottweilers for baby cones. They are so careful while licking the cone..too funny.

Beautiful GSD and looks so well behaved too. Nothing better then a well adjusted, well trained dog. Love 'em!